Say hello to Lauren, the ultimate multi-tasking mama! With 2 adorable babies (Bauer & Merritt) by her side and a loving hubby on board, she's taken the leap from dental hygiene to luxury handbag guru. After a decade of cleaning teeth, this stylish entrepreneur's found her true calling - and it involves selling beautiful bags!

When she's off the clock, you'll often find her on a wild goose chase after her energetic kiddos, whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen, tending to her antique abode, or scouring the city to gather and style marvelous luxury items!

Since our establishment, Lauren has always been dedicated to ensuring that Now You Glow LLC offers its customers the finest selection of preloved luxury items at unmatched prices in the resale market. Our unwavering commitment lies in building trust in the buying experience, which is why all our items are backed by a financial guarantee of authenticity.

We deliver to customers nationwide who are in search of preloved luxury items. Our selection consists of high-quality and affordable luxury items carefully curated from the most fashionable and stylish closets around the world.

Meet Josie

Meet Josie! She's Lauren's go-to gal and has her sights set on conquering the fashion merchandising world. Currently a junior in college, Josie's love for all things designer knows no bounds - especially when it comes to those pink bags! The process of obtaining select handbags is fascinating to her and helps set her goals high.

Josie is a big fan of cookies and pink drinks from Starbucks. Throughout the week she spends her days working at NYG. On the weekends she enjoys being in the company of her friends. Josie LOVES onions, but only the raw kind. Any time you go out to eat you can catch her asking for "a side of raw onions."